Art of Recycle
A wonderfully fantastic Non Profit Artist Thrift Store located in Ephrata, PA who’s mission is to inspire more art and assist artists in developing skills for art creation by using the resources around them. (I highly recommend stopping in if you are the least bit of an artist/crafter and are in the Lancaster or Harrisburg area).

Eagle Eye Care–  The only place our photographer, Bryan, trusts to keep my eye sight at it’s best!


2013 Calendar- Frankie 2013

Owenspride Mastiffs– Frankie’s Breeder, very smart talented and absolutely stunning mastiffs for confirmation, rally/obedience and just being good foot/bed warmers 🙂

Gatehouse Mastiffs Carrie is one of the best handlers of Mastiffs (and almost all other breeds) on the East Coast if not the country. Her accomplishments include many specialty Best of Breed, Best of Opposite Sex, Best of Winners, Winners Dog and Winners Bitch awards, along with

Levi’s stylish portrait, showing off his Levis fedora for the camera.

Van D Mastiffs– Levi’s Breeder, very sweet tempered obedient Mastiffs.

General life links


National Suicide Prevention Hotline– 1-800-273-8255 – Because you never know who you could help by sharing this..



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