Q: What does the B.S. stand for? Is it for bullshit?

A: B.S. are our photographer’s, Bryan Sirotkin, initials, and our studio was named after him as it is his craftsmanship that you’ll be experiencing. We try to keep bullshit out of the studio, and the only time we have some around the camera is when we are on the farm photographing the bulls.

Q: Where do the shoots occur?

A: We shoot in our Laurel, MD studio, in your home, or at another a pet friendly tertiary location (permit fees may apply depending on location) and will choose the location based on your needs.

Q: Why do you do in person pre-shoot consultations?

A: We do in person pre-shoot consultations in order for us to meet you, your pet, and to go over your ideas and make sure that we are the right fit for your photography needs. This also allows us to get an idea of what you are looking for, and discuss props we want to use, as well as put together a shot list of the desired photos we want to get during the shoot.

Q: What is included with the Image Creation Fee (ICF) for the photo sessions?

A: The ICF only covers the preparation, planning and editing time of our staff as well as the time and skill of our photographer.

Q: Do you do mini sessions?

A: No, we like giving more time and get a more customized session for your photoshoots  which you wouldn’t get from a mini session.

Q: Can we be in the photos with our pets?

A: YES! We love showing off that connection with you and your pets.