Quoth the Raven… One confirmed!

Today didn’t happen as planned. A maternity shoot postponed, and an emergency repair to a Trout in the Classroom tank and filter, left me wondering if today was one of those “Good or bad, no one knows” days. On the way from the TIC school to let out my friend’s dog, I happened to see a big black bird on top of a lamp post. I’m glad I didn’t write it off as just another of one of my favorites, the Black Vulture, because it wasn’t. It was bigger than a crow, smaller than a Black Vulture, with a massive beak… I had to slow my heart just as much as the truck while trying to stop so I could grab my camera (still ready for a possible owl walk that I had to miss because of the TIC tank emergency, and not yet with the lens switched out for the maternity shoot) and get back to this bird…

Clicking away with no time to set up the tripod as this bird flew down, and hopped back and forth between his late lunch and the safety of the shoulder before flying up to another light post over the road…


As he flew off, quoth the Raven… “good or bad, no one knows? Nevermore!”



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